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Sometimes it helps to talk to someone. 

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Olivia Bynkoski

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) (#008250)

Canadian Certified Counsellor (#10002290)


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about me

Hi, I'm Olivia. I am a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) and Canadian Certified Counsellor with a master's degree in counselling psychology from Yorkville University.


My approach is person-centred and has its roots in positive psychology, narrative, attachment-based and motivational-interviewing theories. I honour my clients: their life, their story, their strengths, their past, their pain, their story. I don't follow step-by-step treatment manuals or place labels on my clients.

I specialize in working alongside people who are experiencing life transitions, stress, anxiety, depression, boundary-setting and trauma. I have specific experience working with people who are grappling with work and academic stress, developmental trauma, highly sensitive people and challenges related to pregnancy and parenting. For animal lovers: I have personal and professional experience working with individuals who have lost a beloved pet.

I will play a small but potentially important role in your life. You're going through a tough time and you need to sort things out and talk to someone.  My personal stance is that we are all human and we are all doing our best to navigate life. Sometimes we experience tough times of struggle, distress, upset and/or changes.  I'm here for you. I have a quiet, clean, cozy space where you can talk without being judged, criticized or belittled. Everyone has a story and I want to hear yours. 



I'll give you space to talk.

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"The mutative force in therapy is not intellectual insight, not interpretation, not catharsis, but is, instead, a deep, authentic meeting between two people."

Irvin Yalom



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